Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Glass Window

I am standing at the glass window, staring at the darkness outside. I stand here often. I have been doing it since I started living here. I think I am a savior! I think I am born to save something or someone from somebody … somehow! I am waiting for things to happen around me so that I can accidentally turn into the hero that everyone ever wanted! Or maybe I am supposed to know something … about something … that nobody ever knew about! I continue to stare outside. It’s darkness everywhere. I have hope but it’s a hopeless land.

I never saw anything magnificent outside!
No gigantic creature emerged out of nowhere!
No spaceship landed!
I never even saw any superhero swinging around here!
Nobody ever saved the world here! They don’t even save water!
I never saw anyone going around finding any clue to solve any mystery!
There is rather no mystery here other than absence of any mystery!
No ghost ever found this as an attractive place!
Nobody’s secret is guarded here!
There is no music played on my entry of exit from anywhere in any angle!

But I have hope. I am sure things will change. Someday, this window will break. Real things will be visible and hero will emerge.

I continue to stare at windows 8 now!
yawndarkness continues!