Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Happy Birthday

While the Birthday wishes have started coming in already. I thought of being shameless and start asking for gifts! 

So here is the request. A long one, but a good one.

I have been working on the project "The GoodBook" for a few months now (You may like the FB page for more details :)). Plan is to post the good stories. We already have a bunch and finishing a few more soon. We will start posting once we have a handful of stories ready. We are almost there. But here is to get there faster. 

This birthday, on this 16th April, share a good story with me as a gift. It will help the project. It may be something good that you are doing, or your friend is doing, or someone at some corner of the world, you know, is doing. It may be one paragraph, one page or even a picture. Just share a good deed that is happening around you or that you know.

I have been doing it lately, and it's quite an experience so far. It's all about finding and interacting with some wonderful people around us who are doing good work, and then writing about it. Suddenly, this process started unveiling so many good things that are happening around us every day. It's a great feeling nonetheless. I am sure you would have good time also looking for the good ones and sharing those. I am deliberately not sharing any sample. Let it be open. Any story or event or deed that made you feel good is welcome. Basically, all types of gifts are welcome.

Thank you so much in advance.

A goodness volunteer.
goodnessfreaks@gmail.com (Share your stories on this email address)

PS (1): Feel free to share it with your friends. I won't mind anonymous gifts.
PS (2): Btw, please vote.
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