Saturday, July 04, 2015

What can possibly go wrong? Huh?

So ... do you think it will work?

Indeed it will! It has to work. This is one my best creations so far.

You said that last time too. Didn't you?

But this is the one! It’s going to pull it all together!

Where is the manual? How does this machine work?

See. That’s the best part. It doesn’t need any manual. That’s why it’s the best.

Wow! How can one be so reluctant to learn from past?

Why? What happened?

Leaving no documentation behind was the reason why you ended up creating so much of mess! Why do you hate the documentation so much anyway? Every product that goes out must have documentation! How difficult is that? Just tell them how it is supposed to be used! Simple.

It’s crap! Our product should be so good that it should not require any additional guide. That makes us superior!

... in your dreams!

No. You make these machines smarter. They should know how to function depending upon the context. It's all on auto-pilot. Plus it creates so many possibilities.

You cannot trust machines so much. You know that. Right?

With these... you can! Absolutely you can!

You said that last time as well. And look around now. There is pile of different kinds of machines you have made!! They are just all over the place. And nobody has any clue.

Let’s call it entrepreneurship! Ok?

Oh really?

Oh yes. And you may feel it's chaotic but it's not. It's all in harmony. I am just adding this last one to the mix and it will be all perfect!


It’s grand.

It doesn’t look like. In fact, this one looks weak!

It's not supposed to do stand alone. It is nothing when it's alone. But my idea is to create so many of these and then make them work together.

Is it? So where are the rest?

It's the old trick. You create only a few. Then these machines also will make more copies of themselves! We have used this trick earlier, didn't we? And then we are no more required. It’s a machine in the end. It has wear and tear. It will stop functioning one day. And by then the new ones will take charge. 
Yeah right. And who is supposed to tell them about it?

It has artificial intelligence! You forgot! It will understand. It will see and it'll adapt.

So in sum, you have created a machine which is supposed to bring all other machines that you have created so far, together and it can also make its own replicas! Plus it will all maintain the harmony.

Yes. You are right!

So it means we can go on a long leave until all of them figure out the way. Right?

Umm. Right. That’s supposed to be the idea.

What's the catch?

There is ... a little though. It needs a lot of maintenance.

Like what?

See. It has brilliant features. No doubt. Tremendous powers and possibilities.


So I have split them into two types. There is a Female machine and there is a Male machine.

Why two types?

Because one can’t contain it alone. We have done it earlier. Come on.

So now your machine that  is supposed to get everyone along first needs to get along its own other part. And since it is on AI, it has to first figure it out itself. Is that so?

Yes. Kind of. But that's not the catch. It is programmed. It should work.

So what is the catch?

They need to be turned off for at least 1/3rd part of the day!


They need to be cleaned... every day. They need their fuel every day too. Actually not every day, but at least thrice a day. More fuel, better output. But you can’t load all fuel once since it doesn’t have such capacity.

What fuel? Oil again?

Umm... not oil really, water would do too. But they need more than that.

So we can't go on long leave? That's what you are saying?

Not really. They will create fuel for themselves. That’s another good thing I have programmed.

So your machines won’t work for 33% of the time, will need daily cleaning and thrice a day fueling! What else?

They kind of leak as well.



How many times?

Nah. Not that way. They constantly leak.

Are you serious?

It's required for their functioning. But it can be looked at as a bad thing! I worry about that!

Your other machines leak too ... remember? What's the point in making them all leak? Can't you fix it?

It's not required. It will keep them in harmony. Just that I wonder, can it be done in better way! But as I said, it is required. Plus they are programmed to evolve eventually.

Why did you not create the evolved versions directly?

Well. I didn’t have time. Also it needs a lot of raw material. So I will make them create it, and evolve themselves along the way. And also it’s kind of satisfying to see your own contraption thing working. My other creations are in nascent stage too. So a super evolved machine won’t work with them. So this is the alpha version. Which will work with other alpha things and together they will get to next level.

What if it goes wrong?

What can go wrong?

Anything …

It’s all so well laid out. There is only one way it can work. There cannot be anything else that will work. And with the artificial intelligence, I am sure these machines would figure it out quickly.

Hmm. I still have my own doubts.

See. If it fails. They will convert themselves into junk. So when when we come back, We will take the junk and recreate something again. That’s why you have me here right. That’s my job. And if it all works, then we pass them on to this next guy over there ... that one in the hat. Simple. He has been sitting there with no work. It's the time we give him some work.

How can you be so relaxed about this? You know it’s not that small thing. Right?

Buddy. I told you it is very simple this time. Look at these machines here … I call them plants. They inhale some gas and exhale another one. Look at these machines. I call them animals. They exhale what these plants need and inhale what these plans exhale. It's so well laid out. I have made so many varieties in there. They are all interwoven. Look at this. I call this earth. It's the container for all of them. This is pretty solid container. It has all ingredients that they all need. And here is the energy machine. I have kept it at a distance. I call it - The Sun. It has more energy than what they all need. It has a little timer though but until it gets over, we will return anyway, so not to worry. So this Sun machine gives energy. These plant machines play a role in balancing something called as environment. Then these animal machines are all my experiments scattered all over. And here is this latest creation which is dynamic, which brings in many possibilities, and power to finally bring it all together. I call it The Human! It’s just perfect. What can possibly go wrong? Huh?
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