Sunday, May 28, 2017

At Churchill War Rooms

War between Churchill and Hitler seemed like a war between bad and worse. Whom you called worse decided how you got judged. This war museum has a showcase of the heroism of Churchill's men, the side that won and also the propaganda of opposition party and the enemy in a corner, the side that lost. Being from the side that was neither or rather being from the side that was used to carry on this war, it was disturbing to walk thru these corridors to inhale the glory of said triumph.

There are always many shades to a story. History is just one of them. In Mein Kampf, Hitler argues about the evils of democracy, communism, socialism and also the hunger of European nations for land expansion. While one can argue about his inferences and methods, his observations can not be denied. Churchill and the allies had their version too. But if in the end, it is going to be about whose bad sells most, gets to call it a good then its a different question altogether. This continued to bother me as I walked further.

In fact, it is saddening many times that any kind of army really needs to exist in our world. I think, all of us are brought up with the teaching that says, you are good, but others may not be. Is that why we keep army?

Or it could be this one. People who know how to do things, get elected to power. And more often than not they show how spectacularly bad were they dealing with their disagreements with each other. Is that why we keep army?

And despite knowing it all, this breed of people continues​ to sacrifice life for this madness. They are still out there, and more than feeling proud, I think we should feel sad that they have to exist.

The war museums can make you really negative at times. Isn't it?.

Anyway, I found these pictures in the museum as I was passing by the isles.

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