Monday, May 15, 2006

Comedy Show (contd)

With an opplogy for being late in posting the next sequence let me start. It is already pretty late anyway ... now even we are about to get the VCDs soon.

Anyway, coming back to the show.

Dedipyaman aNi pradirgh Tejas

Tejas entered for his Shirish Kanekar act.

Right from the beginning with "pradirgh aNi dedipyaman karkird" till the end, he kept on commenting on the bollywood movies.

Continuing the theme of bollywood, the next sequence was Koffee with Caran! Gujjua buddha introduced the show as the one which his bahu liked much.

Kofee with Caran

The show made Caran (Arun) a popular personality among all the HOMOsapians of Persistent!

All his guests were very unique - SRK, Dharamji and Hema (Priyanka), Ajhar and Siddhu (all performed by Amber). Every sequence left audiance laughing and jumpin like popcorns! ;-)
Hema's "main to nachungi" became a tag line for Priyanka.

The show was supposed to take 30 minutes and it went past 45 minutes.

The next sequence was the dance sequence which was to be introduced by the 3 oldies but because of the ime crunch, it did not happen and the dance started with absolutely no clue!

A tapori (Rohit) entered on the stage running and a cop following him (Kaushik). After music making some funny sound and spoiling the dance, again the whole tapori chase happened and this time it was better music (thankas to Tejas!)

Statues do see

Tapori started acting as a statue ... and then the whole dance sequence. Though started with little problems, rest of the sequence went well.

Oldies and the statue dancing ...

Finally after lots of funny sequnces in dance, the oldies also entered and comedy show ended.
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