Saturday, November 16, 2013

Shampoo and Biscuits

"... ...
So Sachin won a match, and he got hundreds of thousands! My brother almost died on the border while saving a village! He got nothing. He got nothing because his name can't sell a shampoo or biscuit! So no one was interested in paying him. I voiced this, and they said I was being dramatic!They asked for a proof if my brother really is in army! Is this why people study and get smarter? to question people? They really asked me proofs, believe me. And I am dramatic when I talk about my brother. My brother is earning pride. So is my entire family. He made his choice to go to army and fight for the country. He is happy there. He never complained about money, nor is he short of it. But I feel bad for him. Sachin hits a sixer and every one cheers. Entire nation cheers. My brother and his troop, hit a terrorist, no one cares. They take a bullet and no one screams. Sachin is given out. And the nation gets hurt!

Well, I like Sachin too. Why would I hate him?

It's not only about the imbalance of recognition. It's about ignorance too.
Many people in my neighborhood say, we all should go and live abroad. There is nothing left in this country. Then what is my brother protecting? Why do they all ridicule the whole purpose of the life of my brother? Why not call my brother back right away? Let them all come back. But my brother doesn't care about it all. He says, there are people who think like that, who say like that. There are cynical people. But they don't make a country. They make nothing. There are people who invent things, solve problems, help others, inspire many. They make the country. One ought to focus on the bright side and protect it. It's a skill. Our country needs you to have it.

I say, he isn't aware of the darkness here. Or I never understand the brightness that he sees.

I want respect for him and his troop. Because the country doesn't run on shampoo and biscuits."

It was one of my colleagues, on this bhaubij. While leaving, she said, "Well, He likes Sachin too." as always, it was followed by her priceless smile.