Friday, May 08, 2015


It's been many days
and I have been thinking
such a great species we are
aren't we really?

We have been given five senses
which perhaps we never demanded
but we have them now
like the gift we never wanted

But hey, they make us special
or different, if I may say
who else has them all like the way we have them anyway

We use them all and use them more,
We grow with them and make them better

this was supposed to be the idea and was supposed to work tight
but it came with no instruction manual so we can't blame anyone right!

so this is what we did instead.

We glued our eyes on something called as LCD
24 x 7 and made that our world - 5 inches, 14 inches, 32 inches or whatever it maybe

We pushed buds inside the ear
and created fashion to make them look cooler
Noise cancelling is what we like more
because it cuts us off from outside clutter

We stand in a queue, but don't like anyone near
to clean our hands now we prefer touchless dryer
touch is only for the screens which by the way feels nothing,
so we invented technology to make it feel better

We are great foodies, and we love junk the most
we don't mind about the taste but calories matter more

What about the smell, it's just there
We know perfumes and farts just to be sure
that ends it all, all our abilities
such a sensible people with senses gone mild

But hey ... we are advanced species
don't doubt us yet
though we announce at public places

But we have so much got this logic of senses alright
look at this now
we created something and called it a machine,
one thing we did, we taught them the might

We took a liberty
and made them see,
We made them touch, and made them feel,
and today when they started talking to each other and we called it IOT!

Aren't we smart? You bet now we are
because we made the senses evolve
wasn't that the idea? to use them n grow

We may not talk
or may not collaborate
but machines would do it
and we will celebrate

We know one thing,
to grow is to delegate
and that's what we did
the evolution is outsourced
so we can forget