Saturday, August 23, 2008

Life meri Blackberry

This is not the first time I am blogging during the journey, but this is different - thanks to American Airlines' "GoGo" - wifi with wings - which did not work but left the temptation that made me write all these things on my blackberry! Now this is quite interesting. You are in flight - several thousand fts above the ground, you make all the plans to write things, you pull out your bag n take out the laptop, start it and see that last 15 mins of battery are remaining, you still hurry n check the wireless, connect to it, see it connecting, by this time make even more plans like to email folks n all, and boom .... That bugger internet page takes you to a place that, with awesomely fresh look, asks you to pay first!! Ha ha, and then you think - "were you really expecting it to be free? This is US of A boss - nothing is free here."

Well not a very good start though, but not bad also. My earlier plans to catch a nap to remain fresh for next day were already in soup. I was up and in full mood of writing (though, do not know what) But then, as always, life meri blackberry! Pulled it out and here I am. Blogging - from mobile - flying - and smiling with no reason. This air hostess looks smarter - after seeing me pulling out the laptop n putting it back there in less than 10 mins with some restless gestures - she offerred me a different seat - where I am sitting now like a king with both the seats near to me empty, with my shoes off, n this blackberry in my hands n two tiny kids from next seat staring at me as if I am playing some kool game that their mom hasn't allowed them to touch in the flight.

Hmmmm ... Now this makes me feel better. Not sure if it is because I am doing this mobile blogging or because of these small things happening - but yeah, who cares?

Quite happening month it was - 4 more days to go - it could have been no larger than this - my parents came to US - or rather outside maharashtra for the first time n that too for more than a month which happens to be the longest period they have ever stayed away from home n home town in last more than 25 years! It was huge. While I am writing this, they are in another flight - on their way back. Things change so fast and that too upside down. You totally get to see what you never thought would happen but always hoped for. for example, my mom always dreamt about a cosy small home that she'll get to setup n manage of her own - I always wanted to see my dad taking a real long break from his daily routine. But even till couple months back, none of us knew it would happen in USA. That's God's way of telling - dude, just stay tuned - anything may come true!! God has his own tricks. You just need to know how to enjoy them. Expected/unexpected or good/ bad is a different ball game. Somehow I do not want to get into all that but have really want to continue enjoying it. This has developed a funny habit - I am actually trying find out some story, some meaning, some clue, some link or some interpretation in any of the happenings around me that could really make it worth living, remembering again, learning or something like that. It's fun.

This airhostess has come again, who seemed well n nice, now is offering me an apple juice and then chips with a real nice n wide smile saying, "only $3 for chips, sir". No wonders they hire more cute n smart n ... n ... girls in this industry. I just can't imagine a boy showing his teeth (or muscles?!) n selling some stupid chips or cookies and the passenger also buying it what he never wanted and that too with equally wide "thank you"! Only girls can make it happen. But maybe this time my blackberry was more powerful - my wide "thank you" didn't buy anything in reply to her offer. Said to her in my mind - "I just gave you a role in my first ever mobile blog! God bless your teeth!"

May be I am running all over the place now - not sure at the same time if this blackberry is going to save everything or not. This is high time my fingers should get off these tiny keyboard n sleep! After all how long can you write something descrete, perhaps disconnected, long enough? :) Those kids also have stopped stairing at me - making it less fun!

(Also high time - this blackberry should start supporting devnagari script - so that I can finish my other incomplete blogs - sometimes it feels like homework due or pending medicine that' s necessary to keep you alive!)

Good night.


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