Friday, August 01, 2014

Driving Crazy ... or Driving Easy!

There are two things that bother me when I go out. One is the roads and other is the people on the road! I tried telling things to the road but the words got lost in the potholes! So I turned to the people on the road. And I was there too, very much part of that insanity, making faces at fellow riders! Here is what I want to tell the people who use the road!
  1. It's driving. Really. Else they would have called it racing.
  2. Don't take it literally when they say "Make your own rules".
  3. When it turns Green, it's really not telling you to start honking. Trust me. I have read the rules.
  4. The Yellow is to press the breaks, not the accelerator.
  5. Your vehicle doesn't really eject your seat if you wait until the Red signal goes off. Try staying put. It's safe.
  6. There is a PIL pending in the court demanding government to play meditation music till the time they fix the roads. This peaceful proposal has been submitted by T-Series, Tips and Fountain Music. Hold on to the patience till then. Traffic Jams are considered as indirect Dharna supporting this PIL. So be happy about the traffic jams.
  7. If you are stuck in the traffic jam, then most probably the vehicle in front of you and the one on the back also are stuck in the traffic jam. Don't behave as if you are the only one stuck!
  8. If the lane on your right side is empty, perhaps it is really for the vehicles coming in opposite direction.
  9. Where there is a space, there need not be a way. We got the proverb all wrong!
  10. Driving is a good time to focus on the road. Worth trying out. You may focus on other things while in the parking lot.
  11. It's not smart to look at the smart phone while driving. Mobile phones are to be used when you are not mobile.
  12. When the vehicle gives a side indicator, mostly it is going to turn that direction. It's really not an invitation to you to overtake on that side.
  13. Don't suddenly realize that you also have the accelerator when someone overtakes you. Remember, the accelerator was always there and you were doing just fine without pressing it too hard.
  14. It's completely alright to have to stop on the road for some reason. God understands that it's not a sin.
  15. Honking is not the key to clear the traffic jam. It doesn't work. Really.
  16. If you got so tempted to comment on #4, then you missed the point completely!
  17. Don't worry about #6 a lot. It's false.
Yes, the roads are bad and are designed to get messed up in rainy season. And it's government's job to fix those. And we pay taxes too. And we deserve better driving conditions. And yeah, we are frustrated or desperate!

But let's not add to the misery! We can continue to be in our senses even when we get behind the wheel. What say?
While we wait for the government to fix the roads, let's fix the people on the road. Feel free to share it with those who drive on the roads.

PS (1): If you share it within 10 minutes, then goodluck will come to you tonight in the traffic while going home. You already are seeing what happens when you ignored it.
PS (2): Anyone interested to make poster of it? :-)
PS (3): Go an extra mile, there are hardly any traffic jams there.
PS (4): Don't spend energy in finding out why the vehicles in the photo are driving in wrong direction.
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