Monday, October 06, 2014

जन गण मन

Do you know, what is better for the kids growing in foreign land? I am talking about Indian kids living in foreign land. They can have Pakistani friends. They can grow up together. They can go to each others house frequently and eat together. Something the kids back in India and Pakistan can not experience any time sooner. Perhaps it's easier to discover this connection while living outside. There is so much in common. Our families eat same food. We like same films. We love same sports. We love food, song and dance. We make same mistakes. Perhaps it is actually simple to like each other. Isn't it? Haven't you experienced the same when you were outside?

I wish, some day, back in homeland, people get the same chance too!

I remember a very interesting optical illusion that fits so well here. Look at this one. The color of the two blocks looks totally different. Isn't it? Now keep the finger on the border where the blocks are touching each other in such way that the border is not visible at all. the Now suddenly the the two blocks look all the same color! Isn't it same for us too?

I watched Zeshan's video and felt so much like writing all this. I wish, I could express these feelings better. But I am sure, you will feel the same after watching it. Kudos to him for making this one.
We are separated by only a border!

Now I would like to end this note with this one from Gulzar ...

लकीरे है तो रहेने दो,
किसी ने गुस्से मे वो खींच दी थी,
उसी को अब बनाओ पाला
और आओ कबड्डी खेलते है,
मेरे पाले मे तुम आओ,
मुजे ललकारो, मेरे हाथ पर तुम हाथ मारो और भागो,
तुम्हें लपेटू टांग खिंचू और तुम्हें वापस न जाने दु,
तुम्हारे पाले मे जब कबड्डी-कबड्डी करता जाऊ मे,
मुजे तुम भी पकड़ लोगे,
मुजे छूने नहीं दोगे सरहद की वो लकीरे,
जो किसी ने गुस्से मे यूं ही खींच दी थी,
उसी को आओ अब पाला बनाए और कबड्डी खेलते है।