Monday, March 23, 2015

Change The World... the poor world!

I visited the science museum yesterday, they had a section that said, Things That Changed The World! Almost everyone who did something significant in the field of science so far was there.

While I enjoyed my time there, on my way back, I found it a little amusing to see our infatuation to Change The World! The World seems like an IT job that everyone wants to change, every time they got hang of it! At times we almost treat The World like a dirty pair of pants, everyone seems to be in a hurry to change!

Aren't we too harsh on this poor World? No matter what this poor guy does, people are desperately after changing him! His quest to be better is like our endless chase to the good appraisal!

It has become so obvious that when you type in "Change The " in Google then even Google also suggests to Change The World before anything else! You turn on the TV, read the news paper or go to social media - people are either talking about the people or the new projects coming up to Change The World or the old ones that already Changed The World - almost at the same time! And nobody seems to see the contradiction!

With this rush, I am sure this poor World must have gone through identity crisis for a thousand times every year! Hoping at least this time, people would stop and say this is the final change! It's like that client who tricked you into a fixed price project and now submitting change requests after change requests, keeping everyone wondering, when is the final release!

I have also heard that the schools and colleges welcome the new students, giving them a hope that they would change The World some time and Then the institute would be so proud!
Isn't it like taking The Mess a little too much for granted?
I mean, it's like turning schools into a machine to produce people hoping for or hoping to Change The World!

At times, I feel, if someone announces that, The World is Perfect, half the population would go out of job or under depression!

Wonder if there was a place that taught how to be part of The World instead.
Now that will surely Change The World!

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